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Centre of ANCESTRALamazonian medicine «Moyano»

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Please visit the new shaman centre established by Guillermo Arevalo, a world-famous shaman. The Centre is located in incredibly beautiful location with a comfort climate in the vicinity of Tingo Maria. As distinct from Iquitos and Pucallpa, where most of shaman centres are concentrated, Tingo Maria is not that hot and humid and there are almost no mosquitos here.
Please come down if you appreciate not only the mystical experience of shaman ceremonies, but also an opportunity to admire charming views of the jungle, waterfalls as well as comfortable accommodation. All buildings in the Centre are new. You can fly to Tingo directly from Lima.

  • Retreat with Maestro Pablo

    We are happy to invite you to visit our beautiful and tranquil retreat center for the months of April and June, 2022. We will be hosting a retreat with Maestro Pablo, a representative of the traditional Shipibo tribe. Maestro Rider Arevalo, will also be here to work with you at this time.

Medical Prevention and treatment

Shipibo is one of the largest ethnic groups of Peruvian selva residing in the areas around Pucallpa and in the in the Ucayali River Basin. Tradition Shipibo medicine is based on in-depth knowledge of medicinal plants growing in abundance in the jungle, as well as ancient beliefs on dependence of human’s physical and mental health upon the spirit realm. Shaman can connect a person with plant spirits thereby ensuring the recovery.

Similar to European herbalism, Amazonian ancestral medicine uses extracts, herbal infusions or plants au naturel, however, in contrast to European culture, Amazonian shamans communicate with plants as with their partners and teachers through visions, dreams and altered state of consciousness. Unlike European medicine, written transfer of knowledge does not exist in Amazonia. In order to obtain sacral knowledge and become a healer, shamans’ apprentices undergo a long-term diets under supervision of experienced curanderos. Diet, understood as following certain lifestyle rules including certain food restrictions, is the way of treating patients with various somatic and mental disorders.

Shipibo are distinguished by relatively greater openness to the contacts with Europeans compared to many other Amazonian tribes, as well as willing to share the ancient medical knowledge. In our Centre you can have firsthand experience of the traditional medicine of the indigenous peoples of this area, the medicine considering human being as an integral psychophysical system. We offer you to undergo detox treatment on physical and energy level, harmonize all processes in the body and in interaction with the world and, eventually, have a happier and fuller life.

Moyano Centre of Ancestral Amazonian Medicine was established by a world-famous shaman Guillermo Arevalo, spiritual leader of Shipibo-Conibo community. Maestro Guillermo is a representative of a shaman dynasty preserving his tribe’s sacral knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. In our Centre you will feel the link of times: Maestro Guillermo’s mother Maria Arevalo, his son Rider and other experienced shamans work here.

All of them for many years help people to heal from physical diseases and overcome mental pain. Moyano Centre attracts those who are interested in traditional Amazonian medicine, those who wish to enrich their experience by participating in ceremonies with sacred plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro as well as those who is ready to dedicate years of life to becoming a curandero. Shaman power, skills and curandero experience guarantee safety of the ceremonies with Ayahuasca and other master plants

Those participating in shaman ceremonies often face the dark side of their nature, dual nature of master plants having both light and dark sides, consequences of psychological traumas as well as maleficent magic impacts. Shaman helps the patient to go through such complex and often painful experience, thus avoiding the negative impact of all these factors. Protection and support in the buildup of own energy resources is the shaman’s function allowing patient to avoid risks associated with inclusion in spiritual Amazonian practices. The reality of Amazonian world includes both light and dark shamans (brujos). Ceremonies with such shamans are dangerous and can have the most unpleasant consequences for those who carelessly approached them. We encourage you to give serious consideration to selection of reputable shaman.

  • Physical illnesses:
  • Mental illness:
  • Addictions:
  • cancer
  • rheumatism
  • fungal diseases
  • allergies
  • skin diseases
  • impotence
  • intoxication of the body
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Neurotic and nervous disorders
  • Vegetovascular dystonia
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Alzheimer disease
  • Amnesia
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Insomnia, nightmares
  • Sexual disorders
  • Alcohol
  • Drug
  • Nicotine

Diets and plants

Our popular diets will help you solve all the problems like digestion there and with the intestinal tract. Plants that we use for our medicinal purposes.

  • Ayahuasca

    Ayahuasca liana is an integral part of the forest and in the jungles you can find plants aged 50 years and above, but only three or four species of the plant group can be used for making a ceremonial drink named ayahuasca.

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  • Marosa

    Marosa is the best helper for those who look for light, love, feminine energy, energy of the universe, energy of the water, energy of clouds and wind.

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  • Pinon Colorado

    These are seeds and flowers of Pinon Colorado which belongs to the same family as Pinon Blanco and its resin also contains a great amount of medicinal compounds.

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Ayahuasca (liana of spirits, liana of dead) is a brew traditionally used by the indigenous peoples of Amazonia for communicating with spirits, acquiring sacral knowledge about the outworld and achieving healing skills.

The brew includes two main plants and liana ayahuasca. For centuries this sacred brew was taken by shamans to reach another level of perception allowing to use delicate energies for healing purposes.

In the 1960s, western professionals in the fields of medicine and psychology started to study ayahuasca. To date, multiple studies have been conducted, numerous articles and publications describing advantages of ayahuasca have been issued. All of them are united by one conclusion: after intake of ayahuasca human consciousness expands, so he starts to perceive the delicate world in which everything appears to him more widely and in more depth. Besides, ayahuasca, being a powerful medicine, rejuvenises and cleanses body and soul, providing deep-level salutary effect on physical and mental state of an individual.


    Learn about shamanic traditions of Shipibo-Conibo. Opportunity to ask questions about Amazonian culture to its carriers, own experience of inclusion into sacral world.


    Participate in ayahuasca ceremonies held and supervised by the shamans of our Centre. New level of perception, protection and support during ceremonies.


    Undergo an individual diet with Amazonian plants. Treatment and learning the traditional healing practices with the use of the master plants.


    Please come to group retreats and seminars held in our Centre. Orientation courses and intense short-term programme.

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Our shamans shamans

In our Centre you can receive mind and body healing treatment used by our people from back in the day.

  • Shipibo massage
  • Shipibo use massage with plants to remove emotional and mental blocks thus eliminating pain in different parts of the body (head, heart, vertebra, stomach) and bringing the fever down.

  • Repote
  • Nasal injection of herbal extracts (repote) helps to get rid of nasal stiffness, soothe the inflammation, cleanse tear ducts, activate immune system, build up tone and relieve fatigue.

  • Herbal eye drops
  • Used for improving vision clarity in cases of myopia, long-sightedness, lentoid opacity as well as curing eye inflammations and suppuration. Eyedrops help to open visions during ayahuasca ceremonies, increase sensitivity to the spiritual world and develop traditional creative Shipibo skills.

  • Rapé
  • Nasal insufflation of fine-cut mapacho tobacco ids used to cleanse pharyngonasal cavity and sinuses nose, stimulates sensitivity to delicate energies. It is believed that rapé helps to develop skills of telepathy and clairvoyance.

GUILLERMO AREVALO VALERA Ayahuasca Retreat Peru ayahuasca peru trip
Information channel on Youtube

Watch our videos on Youtube channel. In these videos curandero Rider Arevalo talks about plants, ayahuasca, diets, shamanism and other topics.

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Waterfall "Sinchi Roca"

Waterfall near the Moyano

Waterfall near the Tingo-Maria

"Bridal Veil" waterfall

Waterfall "San Carmen"

Waterfall "Santa Rosa"

Miracle Lagoon

Shipibo Settlement

Owls' Cave

Lima. Inca Market

Tingo María

Tingo María is the capital of Leoncio Prado Province in the Huánuco Region in central Peru. It has an urban population of around 60,000. The city lies at an elevation of 650 m (2,133 feet), 544 km (338 miles) to the north from Lima. Tingo María was founded in 1932 at the confluence of the Monzón and the Huallaga rivers in the middle of Peruvian rainforest. Widespread version of the name origin holds that Tingo comes from Quechuan tincco meaning confluence of rivers. Second part of the name standы for woman named Maria, whose drowned body, according to legend, was found in the river. The city nickname is "the Gates of the Amazonia."


Unlike ayahuasca growing in the jungle of Peru, San Pedro cactus is a plant growing in mountainous regions of South America. In the wild, it occurs in Peruvian Andes, Chilly, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador. Ceremonies with San Pedro or Vachuma, as it is called is part of the culture of the largest ethnic group in Peru – Qechua.

In our Centre you can have a ceremony with San-Pedro. Please contact administration for details.

Janet Ruggerio USA
Christina Mignogna USA
Anoushka France
Brian Hawaii
Ytala Hawaii

Articles about ayahuasca

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Our guest after year of diet in the Centre

Welcome to Moyano Centre. This booklet contains information about the center facilities and protocols. Have a read, let us know if you have any questions, and please enjoy your stay!

Our news

  • What to consider before trip to the Center?

    It is necessary to prepare your body for ayahuasca by starting a simple easy diet several days prior to arrival to the Centre.

    PLEASE EXCLUDE FROM YOUR DIET: Salt, sugar, spices, dairy, red meat, pork, spicy and canned food.

    DO NOT TAKE: Alcohol, drugs, and any chemical medication (if you cannot stop taking medicine due to illness, please inform the Centre beforehand).

    Also, please refrain from any sexual activity, including masturbation.

  • What should I pack?

    It's usually hot and humid during the day, and gets pretty cool at night, so please take:.

    1. 1. Comfortable breathable clothes for hot and cool weather
    2. 2. Hygienic items
    3. 3. Two flashlights: one regular, another small (for ceremonies)
    4. 4. Natural repellents
    5. 5. Light shoes for hot weather, footwear for excursions in the mountains
    6. 6. Raincoat
    7. 7. If you like, please bring materials for creative activities (drawing, arts and crafts) and/or books Please take headphones for listening audio, so you won’t disturb others
  • Centre’s services include:

    It's usually hot and humid during the day, and gets pretty cool at night, so please take:.

    1. 1. Meet & greet and transportation to the from Tingo Maria airport or bus station.
    2. 2. Accommodation in a room for one or two or a separate cabin.
    3. 3. Catering services
    4. 4. WI-FI
    5. 5. Laundry services
    6. 6. Ayahuasca ceremonies during time of stay in the Centre
    7. 7. Diet with teacher plants
    8. 8. Flower baths
    9. 9. Steam bath with plants, massage, sinus and eye rinse with plant-based preparations
    10. 10. Interpretation services
    11. 11. Field trips with a guide
    12. 12. Centre security.


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