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Why Should You Choose Our 7-day Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru?

Ayahuasca was discovered thousands of years ago by ingenious people living in the Amazon rainforest. Deep in the jungle, they found plant medicines, which create ayahuasca healing drink for a retreat when combined. A professional ayahuasca retreat can help people with physical and psychological problems. 

People looking for an ayahuasca experience come to different countries, but the most popular choice is the Peruvian Amazon since it is the land of origin of the sacred ayahuasca drink. 

Most ayahuasca retreat centers in South America are located in Peru. Lots of people travel to the country not only for a life changing experience with the ayahuasca drink but also to see such amazing places as the Sacred Valley.

Our ayahuasca center founded by an authentic Shipibo curandero welcomes you! Our shamans have the necessary knowledge of plants, including ayahuasca and a cactus called San Pedro. Lots of people come to our ayahuasca center to discover the powers of ayahuasca. There are several retreats conducted regularly, and one of them is an ayahuasca retreat that lasts for 7 days. Below, you will find more info on this ayahuasca program. 

What Retreat Do You Need?

People who have never been to any ayahuasca retreats need to know how to make their first experience with the ayahuasca drink great. While one ceremony in Peru may work for you, it is recommended to give yourself enough time and choose an ayahuasca retreat that lasts for several days.  

If you are willing to make a long way to Peru in order to go for an ayahuasca retreat, you must be ready for healing your body and soul. Lots of those who have ever met Mother Ayahuasca want to come back to retreats conducted in Peru again and stay for many days. 

You are very welcome to contact our ayahuasca center so that we could recommend the best option for you. Also, we recommend you to check out reviews on our retreats on the site where people tell about their ayahuasca experiences.  

About Our 7-day Retreat with the Ayahuasca Drink

Our 7-day ayahuasca program includes four ayahuasca ceremonies. The duration of each ayahuasca ceremony is about 4-7 hours. During the ayahuasca ritual, a shaman sings Icaro, a sacred song. It is sung during retreats for all participants of the group and for each of them individually. According to plant spirit medicine, the song of a shaman is needed to induce the powers of ayahuasca. Mapacho tobacco used during the spiritual rituals allows cleansing participants of evil spirits and dark energies.  

During the ceremony, you enter a different world. It is a sacred place where you meet different spirits. Those may be good for you like your teachers or guides, but there may also be evil ones. Work with ayahuasca should be directed to getting rid of evil spirits. The authentic healers working in our ayahuasca retreat center will help you find the way of light. This is how you will get the right experience with ayahuasca.

You will have an effective diet during the retreat with master plants, which will allow enhancing the effects of ayahuasca. Between ayahuasca ceremonies, you can enjoy Shipibo massage conducted with different medicinal plants. Each plant medicine is carefully chosen for a retreat, depending on the problems that you might have. 

Our therapeutical procedures in Peru with the powerful ayahuasca drink and authentic healers also include nasal injections with herbal extracts, allowing getting rid of various nasal problems. Herbal eye drops that we use at our healing center will allow you to manage different problems with vision. More information about this retreat you can find on our website, or you can simply contact us. 


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