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Top 15 Ayahuasca Retreats

Amazon dwellers have been using Ayahuasca to heal people for over a thousand years. This plant helps fight psychological problems,  and even find your own way and develop spiritually. It’s a truly holistic approach to healing your body, mind, and spirit. People reach a high level of consciousness, silence their minds, and enjoy their life after the ayahuasca ceremony. Let's consider the top 20 places where you can go to experience the ayahuasca ceremony led by experienced shamans.

1. Moyano retreat center, Peru


Guillermo Arevalo, a world-famous shaman, established the Moyano Center. He is a member of the shamanic dynasty. Arevalo is the custodian of sacred knowledge about ayahuasca, passed down through the generations for many years. He is a member of the shamanic dynasty.

Arevalo’s mother, his son Ryder and other experienced shamans work in Moyano. They help a person connect nature, the spirits of plants, and get rid of physical and psychological deseases.

The Moyano Center is located in Tingo Maria, Peru. This place has incredibly beautiful nature. Many medicinal plants used by Amazonian shamans in their ceremonies grow in the jungle.

Tingo Maria is not as hot as Iquitos and Pucallpa. It is worth mentioning that the place has low humidity and almost no mosquitoes. And besides, this magical wonderland has picturesque jungles and waterfalls.

A retreat led by an experienced shaman, Arevalo, will definetely help heal your body and soul. After ayahuasca ceremonies, people find their own way and finally can fully enjoy every moment of their life.

Ayahuasca retreat will help to fight the following diseases:

  • Rheumatism
  • Allergy
  • Cancer
  • Skin and fungal infections
  • Impotence

Ayahuasca also helps to struggle with mental illnesses:

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia
  • Insomnia
  • Nervous disorder
  • Amnesia
  • Depression
  • Sexual disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • Nightmares

After taking ayahuasca, people get rid of alcohol, drug, gambling, and nicotine addiction.

You can learn more about Amazonian culture and the Shipibo-Conibo traditions in the Moyano Center. Interesting group retreats and seminars are held for participants.

Prices for Ayahuasca Retreat in Moyano Center:

  • 4 days - $450
  • 8 days - $840
  • 15 days - $1400
  • 22 days - $1900
  • 31 days - $2600

The price includes the ayahuasca ceremony, daily consultation with experienced shamans, and individual diet. The fee also includes shipibo massage and many other traditional plant medicine treatments.

Ayahuasca retreat lasts from 4 to 7 hours, during which trained shamans sing icaro songs to each patient. Also, mapacho tobacco is used to cleanse each participant from negative energy during the ritual.

It’s worth mentioning that each patient is given a special shipibo massage based on medicinal plants during the retreat. This procedure helps to release emotional tension and psychosomatic afflictions. It also helps to get out of damage and misfortunes. Participants can also take baths with medicinal plants.

Each shaman talks with a participant before starting the ceremony. It helps to identify the patient’s main problem and prescribe an individual diet and procedures’ schedule. Also, each participant can get a shaman's consultation before and after the ayahuasca ceremony.

Experience the healing power of spiritual shamanic practices and sacred plants. Ayahuasca and an individual diet will help you cleanse from negative energy, find a purpose for your life, and know yourself better.

2. Caya Shobo Ayahuasca retreat center, Peru 

Caya Shobo is an ayahuasca center located in the Amazon forests. A 12-day retreat includes ayahuasca ceremonies and tailored plant treatments. Also, each participant is assigned an individual diet.

Caya Center Shobo is surrounded by blooming gardens, picturesque ponds, and lagoons. Here you can feel a deep connection to nature and improve your health. Pharmacist Wilder specializes in medicinal plants and makes effective treatments from them. Also, plants are an indispensable part of the cleansing and relaxing baths held in the center.

An individual treatment program is compiled by experienced healers Shipibo Onanya. The retreat is a truly unique approach to healing the body, soul, and spirit.

3. Ethnikas, Peru

The center is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a two-hour drive from Machu Picchu. Qualified shipibo healers perform the ceremonies. The retreat takes place in a beautiful temple,  surrounded by a forest, a valley, and a picturesque stream.

Up to 18 people are allowed in each group. Ceremonies are performed by local Kero and Amazonian shamans. The retreat includes accommodation in the temple and transfer to Cusco.

A doctor constantly keeps an eye on and assesses each patient’s physical condition during the ayahuasca ceremony. A psychologist can answer guests' questions and advise at any time. In the center, you can also experience munai meditation which helps find solutions to the many problems and improve your health. Patients can choose the retreats for 3, 5, and 7 days.

4. Tantraya, Peru

Paul Diamond leads ayahuasca ceremonies. He is initiated into many ancient shamanic traditions and has been studying from world-known spiritual masters and mentors for over 20 years.

Guests are gathered in groups so that the shaman can pay attention to each of them. Masters are using some elements of Taoism, tantra, alchemy, and shamanism.

The cost of the 8-day retreat is $1,500. The price includes all ceremonies, accommodation, meals, and transfers to Cusco.

The retreat combines traditional spiritual development with shamanic practices and sacred plants.

5. Shamanic Vida, Peru

You can take a 6-day ayahuasca retreat in the Shamanic Vida center. Meditation and shamanic practices truly help people find their own way and empty their minds of negative thoughts.

The shaman, healers, and assistants of the center create comfortable conditions for each patient. The retreat includes ayahuasca ceremonies, individual dieting, meditation practices , and effective treatment with the medicinal plants.

The center is designed in the Andean style. There are male and female bedrooms there. You can take a warm shower and go for a walk in a special outdoor area. The ceremonial meditation hall is also open during the day.

6. Hummingbird Healing Center, Peru 

The Calibri Center helps people understand themselves better get in touch with themselves through ayahuasca ceremonies. No more than 12 people are allowed in a ceremony. Guests who are not taking ayahuasca and monitor the condition of each participant take part in each ceremony.

The center also holds ceremonies with the Andes cactus, a perfect setting for ayahuasca. Each participant must follow a plant-based diet, which a professional shamanic individually selects throughout the retreat.

All the participants are given personal advice at each ceremony. It helps to better work on their problems. Maestro Don Fernando Laice leads the rites. He is a 38 years experienced healer who is highly proficient in plant medicine.

7. Nimea Kaya Healing Center, Peru

Male and female Shipibo Curanderos lead all the ceremonies in this center. The facilitator’s team has a great experience with ayahuasca. Specialists support each participant throughout the ceremony so that they can feel comfortable and safe.

Ayahuasca retreat lasts 9 days. During this time, participants cleanse their bodies and soul, heal from past traumas, and open their minds. Each participant undergoes a mandatory medical examination before the ceremony.

All healers who perform ayahuasca rituals have been practicing shamanism for several decades. The brew is prepared before the retreat perfomance. It is made from ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves. Other additives are not used.

The ceremony can be held in groups or face-to-face with a shaman. The ceremonial Maloka is comfortable and pretty roomy so that each participant can feel comfortable throughout the ceremony. Ayahuasca helps each participant cleanse himself on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

8. Gaia Sagrada, Ecuador

Gaia Sagrada is a retreat center and eco-village where everyone lives in harmony with nature. Experienced San Pedro shamans lead ceremonies and retreats. Each participant is provided with comfortable and modern accommodation.

The retreat is held in beautiful and picturesque places. Participants can admire the great views of the forest, pastures, waterfalls, local birds, and butterflies.

Accommodation, meals and meditation, yoga, and workshops are included in the retreat price. Participants can visit the music room and the library.  There are many beautiful walking paths in the center’s territory.

9. Refugio Altiplano, Peru

The ceremony in this center is led by the shaman Ayahuassero, a 20-year experienced healer. The shaman often plays various musical instruments throughout rituals. His singing has a powerful healing effect.

A skilled healer Rozendo also works in the center. He grew up in the Shipibo tribe and has been attending ayahuasca ceremonies for over 30 years. This healer’s singing helps you relax and fully immerse yourself in the healing process.

Wild forests surround the retreat center. The nature of this place promotes solitude and relaxation.

The center has comfortable rooms, a spacious kitchen, and a dining area. There are also hammocks where guests can relax and observe nature and animals. The guest houses have balconies overlooking the river and rainforest. The houses are located at a distance from each other, so each participant will be able to retire and relax.

10. Akasha retreats, Brazil

Healers from the Yawanawa and Huni perform all the ceremonies in this center. Quinn. Shipibo dwellers host some events.

No more than 30 people are allowed to participate in one ceremony. Retreat accommodation is available in individual or group bungalows. Participants are also provided with a herbal sauna and natural basins.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are usually held at night before dawn and are accompanied by indigenous songs. It helps the participants to fight past traumas and gain spiritual harmony.

The center is located in the Itaiawa Mountains, a 2-hour drive from Rio de Janeiro. Participants have free access to the ceremonial center, geodesic dome, cozy dining room, and bungalow. The houses are surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, and beautiful plants.

11. La Luna del Amazonas, Peru

The Ayahuasca Center La Luna del Amazonas is about 1 hour drive from Iquitos. Tropical forests surround this place. There are many animals and birds, as well as medicinal plants.

Participants relax, relieve stress, and fill their minds with positive energy in the retreat center.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are held in the temple built from natural materials. The participants are completely cut off from the outside world to contact nature in the rainforest.

The center's healers are native Peruvians. Shamans get used to work with human energy, problems, and experiences. After each ayahuasca ceremony, all the participants have general meetings in the temple to discuss the new adventure with the shaman and receive advice.

12. Arcana Ayahuasca retreats, Peru 

The Arcana center employs professional and skillful shamans and healers to guide each participant through the ayahuasca ceremony. The main shaman is Justina. He is a direct descendant of the Shipibo shamans and is highly experienced with ayahuasca.

Participants can have a group retreat or a one-on-one ceremony with a shaman. Also, the center’s specialists can organize special excursions around during the stay in Peru.

Each participant will have a plant-based diet. A professional shaman will select the plant's combination.

13. Flower of Life Ayahuasca retreats, Peru 

The center is located in the Amazon rainforest. The retreat will include 4 ayahuasca ceremonies, one San Pedro ceremony, as well as steam baths and meditation.

A 30-years experienced shaman leads the ceremonies. No more than 8 persons can attend one ceremony. It allows devoting maximum attention to each person. After the ceremony, you can feel emotional, spiritual, and physical healing through ayahuasca and a plant-based diet.

The center is located in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. The ceremonies take place on the picturesque bank of the river. Participants are provided with a spacious cottage with a bathroom and shower. Participants can also take a relaxing floral bath. Group talks with shamans are usually organized during the retreat. 

14. Feather Crown retreat center, Ecuador 

Local shamans lead professional retreats. The center is located in the picturesque jungle of Ecuador. Participants are provided with healthy food consisting of local fruits and delicacies. There is a warm shower and wi-fi in their rooms.

The retreat includes ayahuasca ceremonies, rainforest walks, and healing clay baths. Participants can also visit a beautiful waterfall and go canoeing.

The center's shamans have 12 years of experience with ayahuasca. The shaman performs the ritual of purification and sings a sacred song to each person. The ceremony is led by a local elder, a high-ranking shaman. Each group has a maximum of 12 participants.

10. Vikara retreat centre, Ecuador

All rooms of the center are located near Olon beach. The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful garden. There are suites with ocean views, and a large swimming pool is also available to all guests.

No more than 10 people can take part in one ayahuasca ceremony. This helps the participants to set the foundation for trust between the group members.

There are also yoga classes, workshops, meditation, and surfing.

11. New Life Ayahuasca retreat center, Costa Rica 

The center is located in a small beach town. You can choose a 5 or 7-days retreat. Each retreat has ayahuasca ceremonies, yoga, and exciting beach trips. The group includes no more than 12 participants.

There are 6 separate rooms in the center, and each has a bathroom. 3 dorm rooms will be perfectly suitable for friends or relatives.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are led by Matthew, who has over 8 years of experience. Each ceremony begins with his healing songs and his wife Gina playing the flute.

12. Pisatahua retreat center, Bolivia

The center is located in the Akikuana Nature Reserve in Bolivia. This sacred place is home to many species of medicinal plants, including ayahuasca.

Healers organize retreats in small groups. All specialists center are passionate about shamanic way of life and are really experienced and skillful.

Special meals that are consistent with the traditional ayahuasca diet are prepared for the participants. In the breaks from the ceremony, you can go for a walk with your guide, go canoeing, do yoga or meditation. It’s up to you.

Everyone can feel comfortable in lake room with bath and shower. There are also rooms located right in the jungle.

13. DreamGlade retreat center, Peru

The wellness center is located in a tropical forest 15 km away from Iquitos city. Here you can experience ayahuasca trip, do yoga, have a massage and go to a sauna.

No more than small group of 9 people can attend a ceremony. High quality ayahuasca without any additives is used to prepare a brew. Participants will keep to a special medicinal plants diet.

Natural materials were used to build all the center’s facilities, so the whole center goes perfectly with the tropical forest. Participants can receive  daily shaman consultations.

14. Sapan Inka Retreat Center, Peru 

A married couple working on medicinal plants established the Sapan Inka Retreat center. So the organizers have a great experience in perfoming therapeutic ayahuasca ceremonies. A shipibo healer and an Andean priest are also members of the center's team.

The retreat includes ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, as well as a Healing Sounds session. You can visit the sacred Inca temple of Machu Picchu after the ceremonies.

Retreat participants live in comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities such as toilet and warm water. Also each person has a private conversation and detailed consultations with a specialist after each ceremony.

15. Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center, Brazil 

The center is located in the forests of Mata Atlantic in the state of Bahia. There are special places for ayahuasca retreats here. Participants will definetely like a beautiful ceremonial hall and a maloka in the jungle. Here you can practice yoga and meditation, as well as enjoy the picturesque nature.

The center has 10 comfy bedrooms with bathrooms. No more than 20 participants are allowed at the same time.  There is a picturesque beach near the center. The diet of all participants is based on natural local products.

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