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Ayahuasca Peru Ceremony Articles About Ayahuasca Why ayahuasca is effective in controlling depression?

Why ayahuasca is effective in controlling depression?

The statistics on depression in the world is very disappointing: according to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people suffer from depression. At the same time, only those people who are registered in medical centers are taken into this list. Most of time the treatment is carried out with the antidepressants, which have a lot of contraindications and side effects, also a sick person needs to try some different pills until he will see the effect, and in some cases he is prescribed pills for the whole life.

The reason of most illnesses stays inside, in the subconscious. Passing through the Ayavaska ceremony in this case can be equated with years of psychotherapy, because natural healing medicine allows you to look deep into yourself and see everything that slows down or changes the real perception of reality. The main thing is to do it with shaman who helps people to find all the way.

There were several researches about people who was suffering from depression where they went through the ceremony with ayahuasca and a placebo, and people did not know what they were taking. What was happening was monitored by psychiatrists, who also did not know which of the patients had the ayahuasca and who had placebo. The results were surprising and unexpected for everyone: the statistics for those treated with this plant jumped up and, moreover, the situation become better over the time. The placebo situation was extremely deplorable.

The usual treatment with pills and chemical methods are much inferior to natural doctor. The price of the Ayavasca ceremony in Peru usually depends on the number of days, but compared with the daily medication, the trip will in any case be more effective and more expedient. It is here where Ayavaski’s native ceremonies are held, hereditary shamans live here, helping people.

A person can really help himself in solving any issue by getting to know himself and looking into his subconscious, and after this his life can change forever.


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