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What is the ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a natural medicine, a shamanic drink that can deeply heal not only the body, but also the soul, it is going into consciousness and subconsciousness mind. The “plant-teacher” fixes together the spiritual and the physical, guides you throughout the inner world, showing you where to pay special attention.

From a chemical point of view, Ayahuasca, which is brewed from two plants - liana and chakruna, contains a psychoactive substance that has been studied in detail for its toxicity and addiction. There is neither one nor the other in the plant; also there is no side effects. Its only mission, revealed by shamans even before the writing appeared, is awakening, introspection, and healing. The entire experience of generations can be found in reviews of the Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru: different people share their stories after treatment, talk about the changes and thoughts that visited them.

Shamans use this plant for diagnosis, to discover the internal causes of the disease, solve personal conflicts and problems, reveal hidden abilities and to help in making decisions and advice.

The ceremony is not aimed at changing a person, his personality, it expands his consciousness and opens up the opportunity to see what is hidden in the subconscious. A drink for each is prepared individually, based on the requests and intentions of the person, with his current state and how deeply he is ready to go into researching himself and finding answers to important questions. During the ceremony, the shaman is always nearby to guide the ceremony participant on his path of knowledge.

Before taking Ayahuasca, it is important to clean the body with a special diet, then the body and mind will be fully prepared for communication with spirits and a journey through the subconscious. After an individual consultation, the shaman can also determine how many ceremonies you will need in order for your request to be resolved.

Ayahuasca is a journey to yourself through ancient traditions known in Latin America for years. A safe path based on the gifts of nature and the experience of many generations of shamans who can organize a person’s meeting with himself and find a solution to all the issues that concern him.


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