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What is the benefits of ayahuasca?

Sometimes in life there are more questions than answers. What you have to do? Why people get sick? How to solve the problem? In some cases, it is not so easy to understand what is happening. Ayahuasca can help to understand the reason of the problems and solve them faster and better. All answers to questions are already contained within the human consciousness and subconscious, and Natural guides are just created in order to connect a person with them.

Also, Ayahuasca helps physical health by cleansing the body of bacterias and parasites, as if it “reprograms” people to their health. After the ceremonies people who was suffering from depression and panic attacks, begin feel better and most of times symptoms simply disappear and never come back.

Ayahuasca stimulates the brain, develope creativity, reveals the potential and enhances abilities. It does not change the person himself, but allows him to look with new view at his life, interests and opportunities.

The unity of body and soul is impossible without self-love: after the ceremony, purification and filling with new energy, people get rid of physical and psychological addictions. There is no desire to smoke or drink alcohol, many people say that they don’t have anymore psychological addictions (negative attitudes, fears), complexes and stereotypes disappear from life.

Ayahuasca retreats are held in Peru under the supervision of hereditary shamans who know how to properly conduct the ceremony, how much drink each participant needs individually and how to help everyone find answers to questions.

Ayahuasca put person to a awareness lifestyle, reveals ancient knowledge, helps to understand the structure of the world, using himself, his mind and his feelings. People get the opportunity to find inner harmony and tranquility.

Ayahuasca's benefits are multifaceted and affect all spheres of life: spiritual and physical, mental and sensual. It heals the body and mind, being for some people the first step on the path of awareness, for others - in general, it opens the world in a new way. Most importantly, with the help of Ayahuasca, the knowledge becomes available to a person that he can use to make his life more harmonious and happier.


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