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Janet Ruggerio

11 de Abril de 2019

Janet Ruggerio USA

Janet Ruggerio, USA

This is my first time in Ancestral Medicine Centre in Tingo Maria. I’m learning so much. Maestro Guillermo and Reader have opened their beliefs to us, students. They use the medicine plants in so many different ways. It’s very relaxing here, everyone is very welcoming. It’s very beautiful and we are able to connect deeply with the plants and each other as students as well as with the maestros to heal, to learn, how to connect with spirits. I’m personally working through a lot of grief that I got in my life and I just feel it’s being stripped away, it’s so beautiful. I’ve tried other ways of coping with this grief and it carried through my life a long time. And this is the most effective and fast relief from it that I’ve experienced. There is a physical healing, mental healing and spiritual healing all combining together to make my heart feel whole, solid and ready to move on. It’s been incredibly powerful. We’ve been taken to beautiful waterfalls and we’ve talked about all these plants. We’ve gone to the plants to meet them personally, to smell them, touch them and we are learning about all different ways to bring these spirits together in ourselves and in the world. It’s highly recommended

Christina Mignogna

11 de Abril de 2019

Christina Mignogna USA

Christina Minogna, USA

My name is Christina and I’ve been setting with the medicine for about 3 years now – always with Maestro Guillermo and the medicine has been so instrumental in my life and I am so grateful to the Shipibo culture and to this ancestral passing down of information through generations to help heal people. It’s extremely powerful and I’ve been able to open places that I tacked away inside my soul and I wasn’t even aware of for many-many years. The quality of my life with my family, friends, my community and work has improved significantly and the information that I’ve gained and the knowledge for being a spirit. I’ve sat with Reader for the first time and he is wonderful. He is full of life, funny, magnanimous in every senses of the words. Apart from appreciating him and his education and how passionate he is about what he does to pass on this ancestral knowledge he was given, he is so powerful and it shws not only in teachings, but also in ceremonies. His attention, his care and ability to show up for you at just right moment and allow you to work through whatever you are working on, is incredible. As a shaman, a healer and as a person I am grateful for the opportunity to sit with him and feel that I can totally relax into the experience and into the moment because I know that I am so well cared for and in such great hands. This experience has been unforgettable.


11 de Abril de 2019

Anoushka France

Anoushka. France

I was very much struck with the first impression of the work with Maestro Reader. It was his sensitivity in the sense that he would come to me during a session and he would know what I needed if I had a very difficult time, hard work or I was exhausted. I’ve been crying a lot during the work: this is what the medicine is doing, trying to clean us. He would know what to do to sooth me, giving me comfort and helping me to find lights and happiness. I realized that when I was working with him, he was helping me to find a balance. When I met him last September in 2018, I was just a beginner. I was introduced to the medicine by chance and I didn’t know what it was about, and he was very patient as a person (I’m not talking about the shaman) explaining about the medicine and always ready to listen to the questions and answer them calmly. It was extremely important to me to know that I could talk to him. I was talking about the balance of emotions: he could sooth me or bring me strength when I was feeling tired. Also, I remember having a stomach ache during the ceremonies and he would know what to do to unblock and it was really efficient. I also have a memory when during a ceremony I couldn’t concentrate: it was so intense, so I started to get confused. He came to me and he started finding points on my skull and I remember that I was so impressed because the visions became very clear and I could really focus. Eventually he taught me how to do it myself, so during following ceremonies the work was easier for me being able to help myself. Another amazing example was one night when I was going to work, but there was some sort of a black screen in front of me. I was distressed and after a few hours I’ve asked Reader to come and help me. He sat next to me and started smoking his mapacho and do his rituals. He started singing icaros. And it was like he was lifting this black screen covering a landscape behind it. He was lifting this fog and I could clearly see my vision and my landscapes. I was so grateful. Of course, I am a beginner, but Reader helped me a lot as a professional and as a person. He has the generosity and always wants to share and explain, filling the words with positive energy. He’s got a fantastic sense of humor which is very important when you have to work hard and heal people. Sometimes it can be very difficult, and he would always have a little word or joke which makes everybody laugh and feel joyful even if you work for hours and concentrate. I am very thankful for everything he is teaching us.


11 de Abril de 2019

Brian Hawaii

Brian Emery, Hawaii

Aloha, my name is Brian Emery from Hawaii, north shore of Oahu. I came to Peru 10 days ago. It’s my second time here, in this beautiful healing centre. I’m very blessed to be here. Short topic about Reader. He is absolutely full of knowledge. He is born into ancestral medicine. He is very connected to the plants, to Mother, to knowledge, to wisdom and he is teaching the knowledge of different plants that he’s learned through his life. He has shared so much knowledge with us. He made it very easy to understand. He takes time to answer questions, and he takes us to the nature to show us the plants and teach us the knowledge. I am so grateful for everything he shared with me which allowed me to learn and help myself, my family and community in back in Hawaii. He is amazing person and he is an ancient soul trapped in human flesh. Love you, brother Reader.


11 de Abril de 2019

Ytala Hawaii

Ytala, Hawaii

Hi, my name is Ytala, I’m originally from Peru. I’m here in Ancestral medicine Centre Moyano. I would like to talk about Reader, who is the son of Guillermo. Despite his age (he is not older than 30 years old) he has a lot of knowledge about plants and the medicine. I feel proud to see people of Shipibo culture who pass this information to us wit the passion and love. For the past 10 days I’ve learned a lot from him. I can see that he tries to understand our mind. I am in the group of people who came from all around the world. We are like little kids who try to learn and receive healing. Honestly, I think that he’s doing a great job and I am very happy to be here.


26 de Marzo de 2019


Ben, USA

My name is Ben and I’m here at Ancestral Medicine Centre in Moyano, Peru, just outside of Tingo Maria. I guess I’ll just tell you how I got here and how my experience has been. I met Maestro Guillermo just this past October. It was my first experience with ayahuasca. It was profound. I had three-night experience that was the best nights in my life and there was a major breakthrough. I also have a health challenge that I’m working through – an autoimmune disease and I learned from several people that we on our retreat in October that you can come here and cure diseases that Western medicine can’t help you heal. And that on top of amazing effects of the ayahuasca experience I knew I needed to come down here so I’m here for a month. This is just a beginning of my journey, but it’s been incredible. There are amazing shamans here - Maestro Guillermo’s son Reader is young but he’s way beyond his age: he’s an incredible shaman, I think he’s going to be one of the best in the world. Maestro Segundo is also here all the time and he’s blown me away, he helped me in ways with my relationship, with my health, just totally an amazing spirit. I think this centre is an incredible place, it’s very special, it’s located in the mountains, in the jungle of Peru, just in the middle of nature. It’s a great place to come and heal and to become the best person you can be. So, if you’re thinking about coming down here, I highly recommend it and best wishes to you!


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