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Anoushka. France

I was very much struck with the first impression of the work with Maestro Reader. It was his sensitivity in the sense that he would come to me during a session and he would know what I needed if I had a very difficult time, hard work or I was exhausted. I’ve been crying a lot during the work: this is what the medicine is doing, trying to clean us. He would know what to do to sooth me, giving me comfort and helping me to find lights and happiness. I realized that when I was working with him, he was helping me to find a balance. When I met him last September in 2018, I was just a beginner. I was introduced to the medicine by chance and I didn’t know what it was about, and he was very patient as a person (I’m not talking about the shaman) explaining about the medicine and always ready to listen to the questions and answer them calmly. It was extremely important to me to know that I could talk to him. I was talking about the balance of emotions: he could sooth me or bring me strength when I was feeling tired. Also, I remember having a stomach ache during the ceremonies and he would know what to do to unblock and it was really efficient. I also have a memory when during a ceremony I couldn’t concentrate: it was so intense, so I started to get confused. He came to me and he started finding points on my skull and I remember that I was so impressed because the visions became very clear and I could really focus. Eventually he taught me how to do it myself, so during following ceremonies the work was easier for me being able to help myself. Another amazing example was one night when I was going to work, but there was some sort of a black screen in front of me. I was distressed and after a few hours I’ve asked Reader to come and help me. He sat next to me and started smoking his mapacho and do his rituals. He started singing icaros. And it was like he was lifting this black screen covering a landscape behind it. He was lifting this fog and I could clearly see my vision and my landscapes. I was so grateful. Of course, I am a beginner, but Reader helped me a lot as a professional and as a person. He has the generosity and always wants to share and explain, filling the words with positive energy. He’s got a fantastic sense of humor which is very important when you have to work hard and heal people. Sometimes it can be very difficult, and he would always have a little word or joke which makes everybody laugh and feel joyful even if you work for hours and concentrate. I am very thankful for everything he is teaching us.

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