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  • Ayahuasca

    Ayahuasca liana is an integral part of the forest and in the jungles you can find plants aged 50 years and above, but only three or four species of the plant group can be used for making a ceremonial drink named ayahuasca.

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  • Marosa

    Marosa is the best helper for those who look for light, love, feminine energy, energy of the universe, energy of the water, energy of clouds and wind.

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  • Pinon Colorado

    These are seeds and flowers of Pinon Colorado which belongs to the same family as Pinon Blanco and its resin also contains a great amount of medicinal compounds.

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  • Pinon Blanco

    This is Pinon Blanco. Its leaves and stem contain resin which is used to disinfect and heal wounds and sores

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  • Coca

    There are several ways of using coca: for example, as grinded leaves or as infusion. This plant can help to see the future: coca is often used for Pachamama rituals.

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  • Oje

    This is Oje tree. As you can see, it has large trunk and roots, but the main property is resin which is used by Shipibo for healing purposes.

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  • Herba Luisa

    This is hierba luisa – pretty high plant. Mostly it is infused and drank as a tea, but it can also be used as a perfume: you can apply it on your body or take bath with it.

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  • Ishanga

    This plant is called ishanga. It has a lot of thorns and usually grows in the jungle. Ishanga is used for the relief of acute and severe pain, swelling legs, joint pains and rheumatism.

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  • Lengua de Perro

    This is dog’s tongue. I know that the name sounds strange, but the plant’s leaves do look like tongues. Mostly this plant is used to cleanse mind and open heart.

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  • Sacha Gergon

    This is Sacha Gergon, but I call it Gergon Sacha. It is a medicinal plant and its toxicity is rather low.

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  • San Pedro

    Usually the cactus is used for shamanic rituals, mostly in Peruvian Andes. As you probably know, jungle shamans use Ayahuasca.

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  • Escalera del Chuliachabui

    Chuyachaqui is a guardian spirit and jungle protector. As I explained earlier, the same plants are used differently in various locations.

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  • Una de Gata

    Una de Gato, the Cat’s Claw. This is a liana and it can climb many meters high.

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    CABALLO WASTE, bueno todo lo pirí, pirí son casi iguales, todo lo pirí, pirí son similares el tallo, es como un junco, pero la papa que está en el suelo, son diversos porque tienen distintas formas de preparación y también distintos efectos.

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  • Sangre de Grada

    To extract resin, you need to make a cut on the tree. You can always see the ants living in harmony with the tree as a tight-knit family.

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  • Chacruna

    Chacruna plant should be mixed with ayahuasca, because ayahuasca itself will have no effect, which can be achieved only when chacruna and ayahuasca are prepared together.

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  • AHO

    Àrbol de 8 metros, muy coposo, la madera es resistente, de hojas ovaladas, el color de la flor es rosada y el fruto tiene forma de drupa.

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