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All plants from Piri Piri family are almost identical. These plants look like cane. Only their tubers are different in the forms of preparation and in effect.

Piri Piri family includes more than 100 species, each of which is different in properties. One species can open love, another – mind, next one – creativity or fill your dreams with the light. These plants can restore the body after injuries. This kind species of Piri Piri, which is Caballo Waste can be crushed or chewed and applied to hands or body. This plant will help you to become stronger.

You can be a small person, but have a great strength accompanied by the energy of Piri Piri. The strength can be acquired only upon completion of a special diet (as with all plants).If there is no diet, there will be no effect. It sure doesn’t mean that the plant doesn’t work: it only means that without diet there is no connection with the plant. And nothing works without connection.

Iso Waste is pretty similar to Caballo Waste. It helps people who are weakened, don’t want to do anything, who are bored to live and do things. If you diet with this plant, it will help you to open energy – strong dynamic energy which you can use at your discretion. In this regard, it is important that you make efforts to complete the diet, because the diet is a fundamental element.

Well, this is Iso Waste, the plant able to cleanse the body, energy and mind, freshen up feelings and get rid of hard feelings. To sum things up, Iso Waste is a strong remedy for detoxing thoughts, words and energy body in general.




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