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Pinon Colorado

These are seeds and flowers of Pinon Colorado which belongs to the same family as Pinon Blanco and its resin also contains a great amount of medicinal compounds.The resin is used in many instances: wounds, skin infections, allergies and fungal skin diseases.

Each plant has positive and negative sides. Pinon Colorado has a great amount of positive energy. On the positive side this plant can change you and make you more mature and responsible person. It also helps us to be much stronger.

Negative side of Pinon Colorado is also strong, but I prefer to use the positive side which allows to help people without damaging energy of the plant.

One of the ways of using Pinon Colorado is dousing with water containing plant’s infusion. It allows to cleanse of negative energy or, how we call it, bad luck.

I would like to explain that the use of deep resources of any plant implies a diet. Diet is a respect for the plant. That is why, if you are going to use it as a healer, please remember that you will use the energy of the plant. During the diet it is not allowed to eat pork, beef, have sex and deal with women having their period. In order to secure communication with the plant it’s better to be alone.

One has to direct plant’s energy toward himself, so disease will be cured. If you don’t keep diet and don’t have respect for the plant, it wouldn’t be possible to recover from illness. If you don’t care about your own body, the energy of plant will not be able to enter it. Also, when you’re alone, you take care of yourself without other people’s energy involved.

However, if you don’t keep diet, the unallowed food closes the entrance for the plant, so its energy doesn’t have any effect. Many people cannot understand what is a diet entailing communication with plants. As a person with considerable experience in this matter, I can assure you that this communication is much more profound and sacral than it first seems.   


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