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Sacha Gergon


This is Sacha Gergon, but I call it Gergon Sacha. It is a medicinal plant and its toxicity is rather low. The plant has antibacterial effect and helps to disinfect inflammations and wounds. Therefore, Sacha Gergon is mainly used for disinfection. The name origin is pretty interesting: Sacha means “the process of development” and Gergon is the name of the snake. Gergon is a real snake species living here in the jungle. It has the same coloration as plant’s stem. That is why you must be really careful when walking through the jungle: it’s really easy to step on the snake looking like a stick. It is notable that in indigenous Amazonia Ucayali cultures the plant is used to protect against snakes: when child is 2 or 3 years old, his father or relative cut Sacha Gergon’s stem and hit kid’s legs with it 3 times when he or she is distracted. The stem is hollow, by the way. After such a ritual a person would never have any problems with snakes in the jungle. This method really works! I underwent this procedure when I was a child and ever since I don’t remember having any problems with snakes.


Subtle plane treatment involves use of Sacha Gergon’s tubers. You can tell the size of a tuber by the size of the upper part of the plant. I cannot show it to you because the plant dies after tuber is dug out. Large tuber is cut into 4 parts which are used for preparation of the medicine. If a person doesn’t feel good mentally and spiritually, steam bath with Sacha Gergon’s tubers will help to cleanse negative energies affecting the well-being. It is very important, though to know how to use the plant properly. Knowledgeable curandero would be the best option here. Please remember that despite all medicinal features Sacha Gergon contains certain amount of toxins and people with weak skin can get allergy or even intoxication. That is why I always warn: do not experiment by yourself, please find maestro-curandero who will help you to connect with plants.  


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