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This is coca. I know that many of you have heard about coca. Many people speak about coca and ways of its use: in medicine and for making various substances.

Here, in South America, local people mostly use the medicinal properties of coca. The plant is used as a natural anesthetic – it can anesthetize the deepest wounds. You can also take five or six coca leaves and chew them or make tea with them. Coca contains chemical substance serving as natural energizer.

From spiritual side, this plant gives us knowledge about things making us stronger. It has a lot of light in it. Coca contains various chemical substances and minerals (like aluminum and copper) which are the basis for substances releasing energy.

With this energy you can walk many miles without tiring. Coca also will help you to open your mind; it will help you understand great things, like Incas did. 

Incas culture was tightly connected with coca and by virtue of this plant they had such a tremendous knowledge: modern architecture still would not be able to replicate their humungous structures and statues.  

There are several ways of using coca: for example, as grinded leaves or as infusion. This plant can help to see the future: coca is often used for Pachamama rituals.

There is a lot knowledge that can be given by this plant. Coca helps to deepen our perception and not only in seeing its colours and ornaments. And I encourage everyone to go further and deeper, to learn and cognize much more.



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