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Ayahuasca Peru Plants Lengua de Perro

Lengua de Perro


This is dog’s tongue. I know that the name sounds strange, but the plant’s leaves do look like tongues. Mostly this plant is used to cleanse mind and open heart. Dog’s tongue helps to alleviate pain and cleanse the energy of sadness, boredom, misfortune and bad dreams. The plant is used as a fragrance or aromatic bath component.

It is believed that small plant like this one can only be used to attract opposite sex.

Based on my practice and experience, dog’s tongue helps to cleanse of negative energy, get in a good mood and receive more light. With the help of this plant your mind and your words will become cleaner and wiser and good intentions will accompany you.

People, who are treated with dog’s tongue, feel good and wish to spend more time with those who diet with this plant. This is not a love spell, it means that good feelings are caused by someone with clean energy which makes it pleasant to be around.

I think that many people are confused with information about properties of this plant. My advice is to look for the answer in ayahuasca ceremonies. Many curanderos have their own practices and sometimes they don’t have a unifies answers. If you want to get an answer, look for it with the help of ayahuasca.  


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