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Ayahuasca Retreat Price What does ayahuasca retreat include/preparation

What does ayahuasca retreat include/preparation


Regular ceremonies with Madre Ayahuasca.

Individual work with the maestro in the ceremony.

A diet with a master plant selected specifically for you by shaman.

Cleansing therapies: flower baths, cleanse of the nasal sinuses (rapoté), steam baths with medicinal plants (vapors), and rapéh sessions - as prescribed.

Communication with the shaman, with opportunity to discuss your process and ask questions

English and Russian translation support

Delicious and healthy diet food.

Accommodation in rooms or individual houses.


Transfer from the airport of Huanuco or Pucallpa to the center is included for those who stay over 2 weeks.


For additional cost we also offer the following options:

Waterfall trips.

San Pedro cactus ceremony to more deeply integrate your medicine work at the end of your stay.

Kambo cleansing sessions for those who wish to deeply purify themselves physically and energetically prior to entering into the process of dieta.

Private ceremonies at additional cost.

Ayahuasca Diet Information

We respect patients’ rights for taking decisions related to their health. Decision to undergo a retreat in our Centre implies responsibility for compliance with the recommendations on preparing for and participating in ayahuasca ceremonies. Effectiveness and safety of rituals with Amazon plants depend on it. It is important to understand that compliance with the diet requirements during the retreat is not just respect to traditions and the age-old wisdom of shamans, but the essential condition for your wellbeing.


It is recommended to observe the following restrictions not less than 7 days prior to the beginning and during the retreat. Patients should abstain from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, red meat, canned food and any food containing preservatives, chemical additives (E) and food colourants, spicy food and carbonated drinks. Moderation in consumption of sugar and salt is required. Pork is strictly prohibited as it is contraindicative to ayahuasca. Presence of the above products in the ration creates additional body burden, complicating and making unpleasant the processes of cleansing gastro-intestinal tract and patient’s energies.


Our Centre serves food best adapted to the requirements of a diet with sacred power plants. It is recommended to eat only natural (organic) food products. During preparation to the retreat you must be nourished adequately. White meat: poultry and nonpredatory fish are much recommended. Raw fruit and vegetables are welcomed in moderate amounts. Light thermally processed food is preferable during the diet.

In the evening, the day before ayahuasca ceremony, adequately nutritious dinner is recommended. On the day of the ceremony light breakfast is only possible, during the day only water is allowed.


Prior to and during the retreat you must reject taking any medications: pharmaceutical products, biologically active supplements and vitamins. Taking anti-depressants is inconsistent with ayahuasca: breach of this restriction may result in harmful consequences for the human body, even fatal. Other medications, such as antibiotics, hormones, oral contraceptives must be excluded, since chemically synthesized substances can be toxic in combination with natural medicines (have side effects); and approach of traditional medicine to the human body as the unity of the body, soul and spirit runs counter to the approaches of the official medicine.

If you have to take some medicine for life or proceed with the treatment implying long term systematic medication intake, please let us know.


Strict contraindications for reasons of health are determined by risks to life under the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  • Cardiac surgeries and use of usage cardiac pacemakers
  • Hypertension, infarction or blood-stroke in past history
  • Recent (less than 3 months ago) surgery on gastro-intestinal tract
  • Mental illnesses (schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder etc.)

If you doubt the allowability of taking ayahuasca with your disease, please send us your medical documents for review. It’s useful to keep in mind that traditional Shipibo medicine makes it possible to treat patients without use of ayahuasca. You can attend ceremonies without taking ayahuasca as well as undergo diets with other master plants.

There are restrictions on the participation in the ceremonies of women during menstrual cycle due to the increased psychophysical and spiritual vulnerability of women during this period.


Lifestyle Preparation

We recommend abstaining from any sexual activities including masturbation at least two days prior to the beginning of and during the retreat. Failure to do so impacts the sensibility to the contacts with master plants and entails the need for additional energy cleansing procedures. Psychological preparation is very important for ayahuasca ceremonies. Prior to the retreat it is recommended to focus more on those consciousness support techniques, physical and spiritual practices which are common for you. Prayers, meditation, yoga and other harmonizing activities, if done regularly, will contribute to the most effective course of the retreat. Refrain as much as possible from excessive internet surfing, communication in social networks, watching entertaining and news channels and everything else that can distract you from preparing to the retreat.

Please try to make sure that your consciousness prior to and during the retreat is focused on the feelings of love, respect, compassion, unity with the surrounding people and nature. It is important to be ready for the deep work with your inner world, self-enquiry, openness for new experience and leaving the comfort zone.

During the retreat our shamans will help you to better comprehend your place in this world and life objectives, however, nothing would substitute your own reflection in an effort to define what you want from the ayahuasca retreat and what you are ready to change in your life after its completion.



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