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Retreat costs

Moyano Centre of Traditional Medicine invites you to feel the healing power of sacred plants and spiritual practices of hereditary shamans of Shipibo-Conibo tribe. Through ayahuasca and individual diet with master plants you will build unforgettable contact with your inner Self, find support in live connection with nature, Pachamama, cleanse of energies negatively affecting your body and mind, and get momentum for happier and meaningful life.

3 nights / 4 days Ayahuasca retreat cost 2
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7 nights / 8 days Ayahuasca retreat cost 4
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14 nights / 15 days Ayahuasca retreat cost 8
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30 nights / 31 days Ayahuasca retreat cost 2
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You can come any number of days
and at any time, the center is constantly working!


Regular ceremonies with Madre Ayahuasca.

Individual work with the maestro in the ceremony.

A diet with a master plant selected specifically for you by shaman.

Cleansing therapies: flower baths, cleanse of the nasal sinuses (rapoté), steam baths with medicinal plants (vapors), and rapéh sessions - as prescribed.

Communication with the shaman, with opportunity to discuss your process and ask questions.

English and Russian translation support.

Delicious and healthy diet food.

Accommodation in rooms or individual houses.


Transfer from the airport of Huanuco or Pucallpa to the center is included for those who stay over 2 weeks.


For additional cost we also offer the following options:

Waterfall trips.

San Pedro cactus ceremony to more deeply integrate your medicine work at the end of your stay.

Kambo cleansing sessions for those who wish to deeply purify themselves physically and energetically prior to entering into the process of dieta.

Private ceremonies at additional cost.

Payment methods


  • OPTION 1 Fly from Lima to Pucallpa using domestic airlines. Duration of direct flight is about one hour. Cost of one-way ticket varies depending on airline and tariff: from $40 to $180. Transfer from Pucallpa to Moyano Centre is included in your package, for stays of 2 weeks or more. Our driver will meet you in the airport and take you to the Centre. The ride will take 4-6 hours.

    Advantage of this option: large selection of flights by several airlines. Usually there is an opportunity to buy a ticket at the last minute.

    Airlines’ web sites:

  • OPTION 2 The quickest way to get to the Centre is to fly from Lima to Tingo Maria where our driver will meet you. Transfer from the airport to Moyano Centre is included in your package, for stays of 2 weeks or more. Cost of one-way ticket varies depending on tariff: from $80 to $120. Flights are not available on a daily basis, only one flight per flight day is available..

    Airline’s web site where you can purchase ticket:

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