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The Moyano Retreat Center

29 апреля 2021 г.

The Moyano Retreat Center provides its guests with the opportunity to safely participate in the ceremony with shamans and learn the mystery of ayahuasca decoction. Given that we live in a global pandemic, retreat staff is taking unprecedented security measures. Like any other employee, each shaman strictly follows all the instructions and recommendations of the WHO to prevent the spread of infection.

Each guest gets a separate house at their disposal, which provides greater social distancing and helps avoid unnecessary or unwanted contact. Besides, all rooms are thoroughly disinfected several times a day, and all utensils used for rituals are washed out with unique means.

All shamans and other employees of the center always wear masks. Together with the observance of all different essential sanitary and epidemiological standards, the complex of measures we take allows us to guarantee your one hundred percent safety.

The ceremony itself is designed to strengthen not only your spirit but also to temper your body, which is especially important today when health is valued much more than before. Visit the Moyano Retreat Center today for an incredible experience in a safe, fully controlled atmosphere. The safety of guests for the center's employees is the number one priority, and therefore it is given such a significant role.

Дом для творчества

6 апреля 2019 г.

Планируется построить в центре Мояно дом для творчества, где можно будет вышивать, рисовать, читать. А так же выставка работ гостей. 

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