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Ретрит апрель-июнь с маэстро Пабло

1 апреля 2022 г.

Приглашаем посетить наш ретрит центр в период с апреля по июнь 2022 года. В это время будет проходить ретрит с маэстро Пабло, представителем традиционного племени шипибо. Так же в это время с вами будет работать маэстро Ридер Аревало.

Лечение, познание, диеты, церемонии с аяваской - всё это в усиленном режиме с апреля по июнь. Вы можете приехать в любое время и на любое количество дней. Работа будет проводиться индивидуально с каждым из участников процесса. 

В ближайшее время мы опубликуем интервью с маэстро Пабло. Следите на новостями и пишите нам, если хотите присоединиться к процессу.



Join us in the Peruvian Amazon with 3 powerful Shipibo healers, Pablo Bardales, Soila Picota Vargas and Rider Arevalo.

We are an authentic Shipibo owned center located just outside of Tingo Maria nestled between jungle and mountains with many beautiful local waterfalls.

10 day retreat includes a prescribed master plant dieta and 8 Ayahuasca ceremonies - $1500 USD

Individual private ceremonies and massages are offered at an additional cost

We offer a maximum space of 12 participants to ensure all guests receive the attention and care required.

Please whatsapp (+51) 973 776 979 to reserve

For those wishing to stay longer, we offer reduced pricing.

10-13 nights - $130 USD per night

14- 29 nights - $120 USD per night

30 + nights - $100 USD per night


25 April – 5 May 2022

10 May – 20 May 2022

25 May - 5 June 2022

10 June - 20 June 2022

We also offer flexibility in timing. Please inquire for more details.


- A master plant diet prescribed on an individual case by case basis by one of the healers

- 8 powerful Ayahuasca ceremonies

- Flower baths and additional cleansing procedures to clean the body of stagnant energies

- Interactions and support with the healers and facilitators

- English, Russian, and Hebrew translation

- Delicious and healthy diet food

- Accommodation in our spacious rooms or individual tambos where available

- Transfer to the center from Huanuco or Pucallpa airport.


Ayahuasca and the masters plants offer a deep process of purification, and a reconnection of the body, mind, and spirit, bringing more love, balance, clarity, and joy back to our lives. This reconnection allows people to enter more deeply in their process of personal transformation and spiritual development.
This is an opportunity to experience an ancient wisdom and get into a lived-in, deeply felt connectivity with all of life.

Maestro Pablo will lead the ceremonies and guide you throughout the process, along with the support of English speaking guides.

Pablo is an extraordinarily gifted healer and has a deep connection with the spirit of the Medicine. He has devoted many years to master plant dietas and healing work.

His icaros (Shipibo healing songs) have an amazing power to them which will fill your heart with joy and align and release energies that no longer serve you.


We provide the necessary container for a safe and immersive experience in the world of plant medicine. Ayahuasca, combined with master plant dieta, is an excellent healer and teacher. It purifies the body, mind and spirit and opens doors on the way to our true self, helping us find the answers to pressing questions, giving us clarity and love.

We strive to ensure your safety and offer a high ratio of facilitators / staff to guests, ensuring you feel supported and safe throughout your stay.

Amazonian Ancestral Medicine Center “Moyano”, Tingo Maria, Peru

Website: dmt.vision


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