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San Pedro

Unlike ayahuasca growing in the jungle of Peru, San Pedro cactus is a plant growing in mountainous regions of South America. In the wild, it occurs in Peruvian Andes, Chilly, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador. Ceremonies with San Pedro or Vachuma, as it is called is part of the culture of the largest ethnic group in Peru – Qechua. Over 3 thousand years the cactus was used in medicine and in shamanic rituals for communicating with the world of spirits. San Pedro ceremonies, in contrast to ayahuasca, are usually held during the daytime. Its effect lasts nearly as long as ayahuasca’s – about 6-8 hours, however, the effect is relatively milder: it gives the state of meditative calmness, inner silence at the same time opening the sense of oneness with the world. Usually, there is no intense cleansing processes during ceremonies compared to ayahuasca. In Moyano Centre San Pedro ceremonies are held as way of saying thank you to Mother Earth (Pachamama), helping to cultivate love, respect and acceptance in the heart. Through opening to the world, nature and all living creatures a person comes to mental and physical health. The content of ceremonies with master plants is usually defined by the shamans and this is true for San Pedro as well. Ways of cactus application vary depending on the region and shamanic traditions. In traditional medicine San Pedro is used not only internally but also as external remedy: it’s applied to inflammatory or injured areas, reducing pain.

In our Centre you can have a ceremony with San-Pedro. Please contact administration for details.


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